Journal Review List

Disaster Management:
Little robot pieces – could be made differently so that differnt variations in the pieces when put together result in different actions, like physical chemistry. But the action and reaction must be powered within each bit.
this a PhD thesis
In an outdoor setting, ‘pervasive’ is typically assumed to equal ‘location-based’ and numerous such games are reported in literature. Well-known examples are Can You See Me Now [3, 4] and Catchbob! [5]
Smartphones used in outdoor running games are an impediment to play, fun, and activity.
Camelot, using devices as zones, to deposit objects collected
Save the safe – using vibrating belts to indicate possession of key and nearness to transfer the key
Hertbet- if heartbeat high then transmit to others in the region opposing team
human-robot interaction
Pleo is not the same as the watson dinasaur made this year. The Pleo does not have the sophisticated language interaction built on watson but is more a physical toy that responds to commands, if I understand correctly

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